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First Stop Mesa Verde National Park

By January 29, 2017 National Parks

First Stop Mesa Verde National Park.

This is the site of the Ancestral Puebloans or cliff dwellers.  When driving to the site, you will rise high on a plateau where you will want to visit the Chapin Mesa Museum and the Spruce Tree House here at the tree house you can climb down into the kiva “Kiva is a Hopi word meaning “ceremonial room” (the round area in the picture) .  If you have time to spend two or three days at the park you can take ranger led tours of the Cliff Palace, Balcony House and also explore the Wetherill Mesa (the quiet side of the canyon). Below are more pictures take at the Kiva.

Above the ceremonial room.


This is a wonderful National Park to visit and learn about the Early Native Americans who were cliff dwellers.